About us

ideiaLab is a Mozambican business founded in 2010 with the guiding purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs, supporting the development of start-ups, accelerating the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

We dream of an entrepreneurial country.

A country that sees challenges as opportunities.
A country whose people believe in themselves, have the courage to innovate and take the first step forward to make a difference.
Where the spirit of collaboration is alive and where together we build a vibrant country of inclusive development.

We act as a catalyst of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We enhance entrepreneurial capacities for sustainable and innovative business development and we promote actions that strengthen the business environment as a whole.

Our values

Dream … because we believe in the power of dreams
Share … because from sharing, dreams grow and ideas are born. Courage … because it is courage that leads to the first step toward success. Building to flourish… because only ideas built to flourish become sustainable and succeed in the market
Persistence … because the true entrepreneur persists in order to transform obstacles into opportunities